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A Brief Note on the Genesis of the PMLA Website

During a brief stint in the late-80's as an outfielder for the Modern Language Association softball team (I was actually a ringer brought in for my ability to run very fast with a full beer), I was fortunate enough to make the aquaintance of Trevor, Cynthia and Samantha.

After a gap of several years, I ran into Samantha last January while renting some videos. She explained the unfortunate terminations of her and the others from the MLA, and their formation of a radical splinter group, the PMLA.

When I mentioned that I was just starting a Website Design class, she convinced me to provide a platform for her and her cohorts to spread their message throughout the world. It is in honor of their brave struggle against reactionary forces in academia that I have decided to forego grandiose notions of self-promotion and dedicate my Website to bringing visibility to these pioneers of pedantry, these doyens of didacticism.

The PostModern Language Association is a cadre of brave linguistic warriors, working without the support of endowments or tenure, or the strictures of such bourgoise conceits as rationality or common sense (as Oscar Wilde once quipped, "The problem with common sense is that it is so unbearably common."). Their Website will serve as a clearinghouse of cutting-edge cultural chicanery, a font of fallacious philosophical folderol.

I will update it as often as I have time. This may mean infrequently or perhaps as fast as they can shovel it to me.

A Brief Note About Michael Corcoran

Michael Corcoran is a graduate of the adult B.A. program at DePaul University (known as The School For New Learning) and is engaged in several creative projects. To pay the bills, he operates his own free lance Chicago Tour Guide business. He is also the author of Hollywood on Lake Michigan: 100+ Years of Chicago and the Movies (2013), now available on and at other fine booksellers.

Brainsnack Tours: Entertaining Chicago Tours for Intellectuals
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Send any questions, comments, suggestions to: Michael Corcoran.

In case you hadn't figured this one out, the preceding pages have been a parody and are protected under laws regarding such. If anything has offended you, please take three deep breaths and get a life.

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