Here are the profiles of those responsible for this fiasco.

Contributor Profiles

The PostModern Language Association is the result of the tireless efforts of three committed (actually outpatient) individuals. Here are some brief notes about them.

Trevor Reece-Smyth-Elkingtonham IV

Trevor Reece-Smyth-Elkingtonham IV is several times smarter than you could ever possibly hope to be. He therefore feels no need to list his credentials. However, to humor you little piglets, he shall.

He has a B.A. in Semantics from Oxford; an M.A. in Lexicography from Yale; another M.A. in Lexicology from Stanford; a Ph.D. in Linguistics from The University of Chicago; and a Certificate in Refrigeration Technology from DeVry Institute.

Anyone who questions his authority would simply be wrong.

Cynthia Y

Cynthia Y (she refuses to use the surname of her repressive sexist male parent) has a B.A. in Wymyn's Studies from The University of Iowa; an M.A. in Herstory from The University of Michigan; and a Ph.D. in Herpanic Herstory from the University of California-Santa Cruz.

If you call her "Cindy," she will rip your eyes out.

Samantha Sturges

Samantha Sturges has a B.A. in Deconstruction Studies from Cornell; an M.F.A. in Film/Video Studies from The School of The Art Institute; and a Ph.D. in Video/Film Studies from The School of The Institute of Art (well known in rarified circles). She is a founding member of the Visual Arts Collective For Empowerment Through Self-Actualization.

The job at the video store is only temporary.

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